About Us

Built For Recruiters By Recruiters

  Born from the collaborative efforts of our in-house recruiters, hiring managers and developers, HireFuel is a recruitment solution designed to alleviate hiring headaches. Our team set out with an ambitious vision—to simplify the recruitment process for hiring personnel and job seekers.   Charged with an unrelenting commitment to connect recruiters with top talent, we conducted extensive usability testing to develop a product that boasts speed, simplicity and seamless implementation. We engaged the best minds in order to help companies attract the best talent. Over 700 hiring managers contributed their expertise to our range of products. From every angle, recruiters were and continue to be at the core of our product development process. Hence, our slogan: built for recruiters by recruiters. We aim to revolutionize the recruitment landscape.  

What We Believe

  • We believe in giving hiring personnel the tools to recruit top talent and support business growth.
  • We believe small- to medium-sized businesses deserve the technological savvy of Fortune 500 companies.
  • We believe humor helps and innovation invigorates.
  • We believe talented folks exist in every industry imaginable.
  • We believe in offering our customers superior service, exceptional products and affordable prices.

How We Roll

  We understand the world doesn’t stop for any of us. No matter what life brings, we must keep rolling. Our products are constantly evolving to meet your company’s ever-changing needs and to ensure user satisfaction on both sides of the hiring equation.   In practical terms, recruitment software should be easy to learn, easier to use. Reducing your workload is just one of our many benefits. HireFuel is designed to keep pace with your hectic schedule and ease the burden of common recruiting challenges.   Through meticulous attention to detail, we continue to enhance our product offerings to make life easier for every customer who entrusts us to simplify their recruitment process.